Core Facilities

Core Facilities are shared resources that integrate CCS’s scientific research expertise, facilities, resources, capabilities, and services to provide support to academic institutions and industry

  • Biostatistics

    The Data Analytic Services (DAS) Laboratory provides consulting and analytical services for the aims and goals of our client' research project. Analytical research experience with a wide range of studies and scientific data including: experimental, quasi-experimental, behavioral intervention, pre-post, cross- sectional and time-series. Implementation of various types of statistics and techniques: descriptive, bivariate, multivariate, linear, logistic, multinomial, factor analysis, generalized estimating equations, spatial mapping and mixed models.


    • Collaborating on development of study designs

    • Sample size/power calculations

    • Writing statistical analysis plans

    • Data management

    • Conducting planned and ad-hoc study analyses

    • Writing statistical sections for manuscripts

    Laboratory Data Analytic Services In-house Statistical Software:

    • SAS, v9.4

    • SAS Power and Sample Size, v13.2

    • R v3.2.1

    • GraphPad Viewer

    • PS power and sample size v3.1.2

    • ArcGIS v10.4

    Contact: Vijay Nandi, MPH
    Phone Number: (212) 570-3154

  • Electron and Confocal Microscopy Core

    The Electron and Confocal Microscopy Core Facility provides state-of-the-art equipment for high resolution image acquisition and analysis of biological samples. The Core provides access to expert assistance with techniques in electron and confocal microscopy as well as consultation in experimental design for optimization of data generation, data analysis, presentation, and publication.

    Our Services Include:

    Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM)

    RMC MTX Ultramicrotome, Leica & FEI Tecnai Spirit Transmission Electron Microscope

    Standard TEM


    • Provide Sample Preparation

    • Sample Processing

    • Sectioning

    • Analysis

    Negative Staining/Methyl Shading

    • Providing service for proteins, vesicles, virus particles, DNA, and RNA

    Immuno Transmission Electron Microscopy

    • Immuno-gold staining

    • Wide range of immuno-gold antibodies

    • Co-localization of proteins/macromolecules

    Laser Scanning Confocal Microscopy

    LSM880 with Airyscan, Zeiss

    • High-resolution imaging and optical sectioning with Airyscan

    • Z-stack Fast Mode; Allows the optical sections to be volume reconstructed and visualized in real-time using ZEN software (3-D imaging)

    • Low laser power (less than 2%); allowing you to save your samples

    • Simultaneous fluorescence and DIC imaging.

    • Imaging of live cells

    • Environmental Station

    We can:

    • Test your protocols

    • Develop new techniques or methods to study your samples

    • Provide expertise and assistance with sample preparation

    Contact: Denis Voronin, PhD
    Phone Number: (212) 570-3181

  • Flow Cytometry Core

    The Flow Cytometry Core provides equipment for multiparameter flow cytometric analysis and cell sorting. The Core provides training and expert assistance with techniques in flow cytometry/cell sorting as well as consultation in experimental design, data analysis, presentation, and publication.

    Our Equipment Includes:

    • BD FACSCanto Analyzer

      • (2 lasers, 6 detectors plus light scatter) with FACS Diva8 software and carousel tube loader

    • BD LSR Fortessa SORP Analyzer

      • (4 lasers, 15 detectors plus light scatter) with FACS Diva8 software and multi-well High Throughput Loader

        • (5 lasers, 18 detectors plus light scatter) with FACS Diva8 software and multi-well High Throughput Loader

    • Beckman Coulter MoFlo XPD High-Speed Cell Sorter

      • (3 lasers, 12 detectors plus light scatter)

        • Sorter features:

        • Sorting in 1.5ml , 5ml, 15ml tubes, plates and on slides

        • Sorting up to 4 populations simultaneously

        • Nozzle size: 70µm and 100µm

    • ImageStream MkII

      • ( 5 lasers, 20x, 40x and 60x magnification, 2 cameras) with Inspire software and 96- well plate loader

    • Advia 120 Hematology Analyzer

      • ​​​​​​​Four assays per one aspiration of whole blood:

        • Reticulocyte analysis (Retic)

        • Platelets analysis

        • White blood cells differential

        • Complete blood count (CBC)

    • Cellometer Auto2000 Cell Viability Counter


    • De Novo FSC Express 6 Flow Cytometry Analysis software

    • Tree Star FlowJo Flow Cytometry Analysis software

    • IDEAS Image Analysis Software

    Contact: Mihaela Barbu-Stevanovic, PhD
    Phone Number: (212) 570-3353


  • Collections

    Clinical Services offers a range of apheresis collections for clinical and research purposes.  We provide 7-day 24-hour availability of apheresis services.  These services are provided at our sites or we bring our equipment to your sites in NY, NJ, CT, PA, RI, DE, MN, MO, and KS. Our experienced and knowledgeable apheresis nursing staff is solely devoted to performing apheresis and is highly skilled in the treatment of pediatric and critically ill patients, while our Medical Directors provide 7-day 24-hour consultation and guidance. We maintain accreditation by all applicable accreditation bodies, such as FACT.

    We can collect all types of blood and cellular components, including:

    • Whole blood

    • Red Blood Cells

    • Platelets

    • Plasma (including Source Plasma)

    • Cryoprecipitate

    • Granulocytes

    • Stimulated or unstimulated apheresis collections using Neupogen and/or Plerixafor:

      • Mononuclear cells

      • Hemopoietic stem cells

    Contact: Debra Kessler, MS
    Phone Number: (212) 570-3021

  • Laboratory Animal Research Services (LARS)

    New York Blood Center recognizes the scientific and ethical responsibility for the humane care and use of animals involved in research and education and holds all individuals involved to the highest standards of care and consideration.

    The Laboratory Animal Research Services (LARS) is responsible for managing all facilities in which animals are maintained for teaching and research programs. We offer resources for researchers, students and staff in their research related activities through training and technical assistance.

    The LARS also offers special services upon request. These include:

    • Initiate and complete an IND-enabling program

    • Specialized observations

    • Feeding non-standard diets

    • Providing medication or treated liquids

    • Pairing, weaning, sexing rodents

  • Bio-specimen Repository/Tissue Banking

    “Banking” cryopreserved cells and tissues provides samples for diagnosis and research as needed.  Currently our repository maintains an inventory of more than 15,000 specimens from more than 1000 patients.

    The repository provides:

    • Processing (according to our protocols or yours)

    • Cryopreservation

    • Short- and long- term storage

    • Temperature controlled transportation to and from your facility

    • Inventory control software

    • Bar-coded labels

    • Costs proportional to your storage needs

    Contact: Rona Singer Weinberg, PhD
    Phone Number: (212) 570-3488

  • Clinical Research & Translational Laboratory

    The Laboratory assists in the development of clinical studies and new cell-based therapies. 


    • Pre-clinical in vitro/in-vivo studies

    • Assist with FDA IND and grant submissions

    • Experimental procedures according to your needs and protocols

      • Laboratory Director, Medical Director, Quality Manager consultation available

      • Validation of new procedures

    Biomaterial/Cell procurement:

    • Blood products: whole blood units, buffy coats

    • Apheresis products: hematopoietic progenitor cells (HPC), mononuclear cells (MNC)

    • Umbilical cord blood

    Cell Manipulation:

    • Separation of plasma and serum from blood samples

    • Mononuclear cells by Ficoll-hypaque centrifugation

    • Enrichment or depletion of cell populations using monoclonal antibodies (e.g., PB MNC, CD 34+, CD 3+, CD 14+) from blood, marrow, or cord blood.  Clinical grade procedures are available.

    • Cell counts and lysates

    • Cryopreservation

      • Short and long- term storage

    Contact: Rona Singer Weinberg, PhD
    Phone Number: (212) 570-3488

  • Contract Manufacturing Laboratory

    The Contract Manufacturing Laboratory provides clinical cellular therapy products for patients undergoing bone marrow transplantation and Phase I and Phase II clinical trials.  The lab, established 25 years ago has processed and cryopreserved more than 18,000 hematopoietic progenitor cell products (HPC) for more than 5000 transplants. We are registered with FDA, accredited by FACT and AABB, and licensed by the New York State Department of Health.

    Cellular Therapy /“Stem Cell” Lab:

    • Validated standard operating procedures and equipment

    • Manufacture of minimally manipulated products

    • Processing and cryopreservation of hematopoietic progenitor cells and mononuclear cells

    • Process and cryopreserve parathyroid tissue for clinical use

    • ISBT 128 labeling

    • LN2 vapor storage with 24/7 electronic monitoring

    • 24 hour on-call technologist

    • Laboratory and Medical Director consultation

    Clean Room /Regenerative Medicine Lab (Class 10,000/ISO 7):

    • cGMP manufacture of more than minimally manipulated products

    • Adoptive immunotherapy products

    • Gene therapy products

    • Phase I/II clinical trial products

    • Adherence to client/inventor/investigator protocols

    • Assistance with FDA IND submissions

    • Laboratory Director, Medical Director and QA manager consultation available

    Contact: Rona Singer Weinberg, PhD
    Phone Number: (212) 570-3488

  • Office of Sponsored Programs/Research Administration

    The Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP)/Research Administration is responsible for all pre- and post-award administration of sponsored programs. OSP is required to adhere to all sponsored guidelines, Offiece of Management and Budget (OMB) guidelines, various federal circulars as well as state and local government requirements for the management of sponsored programs. Sponsors include Federal, State and Local governments, non-profit agencies, corporations, and foundations. OSP administers Exchange Visitor Program (J1), a program of the United States Information Agency under which sponsors visits from qualified foreign research scholars and specialists to promote the general interest of international educational and cultural exchange.

    Pre-award Services:

    • Prepare all documentation for various collaborative agreements as well as sub-recipient contracts.

    • Maintain and monitor all applicable sponsor required memberships

    • Create a data base and filling system that tacks and maintains all submitted proposals

    • Work with PI’s to create a budget that reflects true costs of the proposed project including indirect cost recovery

    • Review and finalize submissions to insure all proposals are compliant with the institution and sponsors requirements

    • Negotiate with various institutions that will be included in various proposals to ensure that the budget constraints are adhered to.

    • Insure that the institution can meet all the requirements that are stipulated in the solicitation/RFP

    Post-award Services:

    • Review all expenditures to ensure that they comply with all federal, state and local guidelines as well as the institution and sponsored regulations

    • Work with all sub-recipients and sub-contractors to ensure that they are following all OMB sub-recipient monitoring guidelines

    • Provide monthly reports to all Principal Investigators (PI) so that have a full understanding of their fund availability

    • Provide access to PI so they can view their grants and contracts on line

    • Work with each PI so they can understand their funding stream as well and the regulations that apply to these funds

    • Negotiate with various sub-recipients/sub-contractors in regards to the closing of various grants and contracts as well as the close out process.

    • Ensure that all remaining funds with in a grant or contract are fully utilized.

    • Monitor and maintain all effort reporting on all sponsored programs as per OMB requirements. Make all adjustments within the required time frame

    • Invoice all sponsors in the allowable time frame that is stated by the sponsor and ensure that funds are received. Negotiate with various sub-recipients/sub-contractors in regards to the closing of various grants and contracts as well as the close out process.

    • Ensure that all remaining funds with in a grant or contract are fully utilized.

    • Work with various departments within the institution so that the needs of the sponsor are met.

    • Monitor and maintain all effort reporting on all sponsored programs as per OMB requirements. Make all adjustments within the required time frame

    • Invoice all sponsors in the allowable time frame that is stated by the sponsor and ensure that funds are received.

    Contact: Barry Greene, MPA
    Phone Number: (212) 570-3034

  • Institutional Review Board (IRB)

    The Institutional Review Board (IRB) mission is to protect human subjects from physical or psychological harm, which they attempt to do by reviewing research protocols and related materials. The protocol review assesses the ethics of the research and its methods, promotes fully informed and voluntary participation by prospective subjects capable of making such choices (or, if that is not possible, informed permission given by a suitable proxy), and seeks to maximize the safety of subjects.


    • Timely administrative “pre-review” of the submission to determine level of review required, full-board, expedited, or exempt.

    • Full-board reviews are performed monthly

    • Board findings and required modifications, if any, are reported to investigator. 

    • Annual Reviews

    • Amendment Reviews

    • NYBC IRB may act as the IRB on behalf of other institutions

    • NYBC IRB may act as the designated Central IRB for multi-site studies

    • Employs IRBNet, an electronic submission and research management program, which enables easy submissions and notifications.

    Contact: Nancy Moynihan, MS
    Phone Number: (212) 570-3038